Iain Barclay

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss
(Management strategies)

First of all please do not expect that hypnotherapy is a magic wand that will enable you to lose 10kg overnight! I wish it was, but it isn't.

Weight and body shape tend to be very subjective and emotional issues. Different cultures attribute beauty to different body shapes and appearances. Currently in the west – if the media is anything to go by – a skinny or lean muscled, look for women is desirable. This can lead to a lot of emotional angst if you don't happen to fit this sort of image. If you are a woman and nature intended you to have a fuller figure there is absolutely no joy to be had in pursuing the kind of ultra skinny body shape depicted in women's fashion magazines. (This is not a popular look with the opposite sex anyway – although that is another issue entirely!). I'm sorry if this isn't what you want to hear – but I don't want to be misleading. I would rather work with you to optimise what nature has given you – and perhaps help you create within yourself not only an acceptance of that, but a genuine love of yourself as you are – or at least as you could be at your optimal best! This is why I prefer to think of this in terms of Management Strategies.

A much better way of thinking about body shape and weight management is to associate them with health.

Your Doctor will have a chart that provides you with your ideal weight range (Body Mass Index) relative to age, sex, height, and body structure – but you can calculate it yourself quite quickly by dividing your weight (In Kg) by your height (In metres). For men and women over 18 a healthy BMI should be between 18.5 and 24.9. Over 25 but less than 30 is considered overweight from a medical perspective. Anything over 30 is considered obesity – a condition which has clinical health risks associated with it.
As you know there is a whole industry built around weight loss – diets of all kinds, exercise boot camps, pills, surgery – the list goes on! The cost can be considerable and sometimes the effects can actually be detrimental to your health. How many of you reading this have tried a weight loss program – and still have a 'problem'? Too many of you? Well I’m happy to say that hypnotherapy offers you a safe and effective alternative.

What can make someone overweight?

  1. Glandular problems can have this effect – so it may be worth while having medical factors excluded by your Doctor.
  2. Eating foods high in fat on a regular basis.
  3. Over-eating – especially in the context of a sedentary lifestyle.

Why do people a) overeat, and b) eat so much unhealthy food?

Much of our dietary habits are established in our subconscious when we are children. For example what separates someone who can eat a small meal and feel satisfied – from someone who feels the need to consume large quantities of food before feeling satisfied? The answer will most likely lie in the behavioural patterns learnt through observing our parents. If they ate large meals of food high in fat we are most likely to do the same. Over feeding a child can create direct physical issues around diet as well: It can cause the stomach to enlarge – so smaller meals do not fill it, and create fat children – and once fat cells in the body are used to high fat levels they resist change.

Some eating patterns become 'anchored' in the subconscious by association with another activity. EG. When you sit down to watch TV you might well develop a pattern of eating at the same time - which in time becomes an automatic pattern.

Other unfortunate eating habits we can pick up along the way are eating too much and/or too often; eating at inappropriate times (the digestive system responds best to regularity); and 'emotional' eating – eating as a reward or eating as a compensation for some kind of emotional upset.

Another factor driving what the media refers to as the 'obesity epidemic' is the pace of modern living. We feel too busy to take the time to prepare healthy nutritious meals – especially since cheap alternatives are readily available. Unfortunately the cheap alternatives tend to be highly processed and become part of the problem. Another aspect to the pace of modern living is that when busy one of the first things to be sacrificed is exercise; we exercise less or not at all – much easier to put our feet up in front of the TV and snack!

My approach is first of all to determine if there are any underlying issues contributing to the problem – and then work with you to resolve them. For instance if you have (all unknown to your conscious mind) a belief in your subconscious mind that dieting can be bad for you – perhaps you because you read something to that effect once – the subconscious belief will almost certainly undermine your efforts to successfully diet.
Or there may be a deep seated emotional issue involved. These sorts of issues – if they exist, need to be addressed first. The emphasis will then be on transforming any 'bad' eating habits you may have and assisting you to move towards a lifestyle that incorporates a healthy diet – good nutritious food in quantities appropriate to your activity levels, balanced with a suitable exercise program.
If exercise and you are not the greatest of travelling companions don't worry – I can work with you on that as well!

At the end of the day you want to be feeling truly confident in your appearance; feeling fit and healthy; and with plenty of energy for every aspect of your life.